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How do I set up a homepage feed in my Shop store?
How do I set up a homepage feed in my Shop store?

How to set up a homepage feed for Shop App

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Add videos to your Shop app homepage to let new users explore your products in a way that’s proven to convert better.

1. You need to first tag products in your videos in your Tolstoy video library.


The tagging step is crucial to ensure that your store stands out and presents videos in a unique and engaging way. By not completing this tagging step, Tolstoy won't be able to showcase the videos in your Shop store.

To learn more about how to tag products, click here.

2. Once you have tagged the products in your videos, click on the Shop section.

3. Select Home pages and then click on the Shop App home page carousel to the right.

4. Click on New video.

5. Click on Video Library to access your already uploaded Tolstoy videos.


You can only create your home page feed using videos that are already in your Tolstoy library.

Click on Video Library to access those videos. You can add videos to your Video Library by importing them from Instagram, TikTok, or uploading them directly to your Tolstoy Video Library.

6. After you’ve clicked on Video Library, your video files will appear in a pop-up box on the screen. One at a time, you can add the videos that you want in your home page feed. To add a video, simply click anywhere on the video in the pop-up box.

7. To keep adding videos to your home page feed, click on the New Video box that is located next to the videos that you’ve already selected for the feed.

Setting Shop Live

For first time users, you need to click on the Set Live button that is located in the top right corner of the screen. This will launch your selected videos as a feed on your Shop home page.

Updating your feed

Easily refresh your Shop home page feed with new video content by adding fresh videos from your Video Library. To include new videos in the feed, follow the same process as above, and afterward, simply click the "Sync Videos" button located in the top right corner of the page. This action will update your feed with the recently added videos.

Pausing your feed

To hide or remove the feed from your Shop home page, simply click the orange Pause button located in the top right corner of the page. This action will conceal the feed in your Shop while you make adjustments such as adding, removing, or reordering videos.


When you're ready to relaunch the feed, click the Set Live button to make your feed visible and live on your Shop Home page.

Reordering videos in home page carousel

The order of the videos in a carousel can be changed if you want to highlight specific videos as the first ones to be seen in the feed. To reorder the videos on the Shop home carousel:

1. Select and drag the video to the position where you want it in the feed.

2. Once you’re happy with the order of the videos, click Save in the top right corner.

3. To launch the newly-ordered feed on your home page, click the Sync Videos button located in the top right corner of the page.

Need help?

You can reach out to our friendly support team in two ways:

  1. Using our live chat option, which can be found by clicking on the chat icon

    on any Tolstoy page in the lower right corner.

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