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What are the 11 tips for creating a successful outreach video?
What are the 11 tips for creating a successful outreach video?

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement or get more meetings booked, here are some tips to help you make a winning outreach video.

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So you’ve found a promising new lead that could be a great potential customer, and you’re looking for the best way to get the conversation rolling.

That best way might just be video outreach.


Video has proven to be one of the most effective ways of grabbing prospects’ attention and engaging them in a very personal and informative way, making them eager to learn more. Now add in some interactivity to the mix you can take your outreach videos to a whole new level.

Essentially, interactive videos can be the key to your sales success.

While there are many ways you could go about creating interactive outreach videos, here are some tips and tricks that we’ve found to help drive the best results.

💪 11 Tips to Succeed at Video Outreach

1. Keep video clips short and sweet.

Introduce yourself, explain why you’re reaching out, and provide a brief explanation of how you can provide value for them.

A short video (we recommend up to 30 seconds) will increase the chances that your prospect stays engaged and actually sticks through the entire video.

2. Do something catchy to grab the prospect’s attention.

Either in your first introduction or throughout the entire video, keep your leads interested with something eye-grabbing, fun, or unexpected. This will make them eager to continue clicking through your video to hear from you and to see what happens next.

This may even leave them more inclined to get to hear from you more on a call too.

3. Personalize your message.

Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, we recommend personalizing the first part of your video to quickly connect with your leads and show that you put in the effort to make this video just for them.

You can try a couple of eye-grabbing methods such as holding their name on a whiteboard or on your iPhone, or by speaking in front of a screen recording of their website or LinkedIn page.

Personalization should help you increase open rate in no time.

4. Always provide clear call-to-actions.

It’s important to provide clear CTAs at the end of (or even throughout) your video to show your leads exactly what next step they can take to keep the conversation going.

By using our various button options, you can leave room for your prospects to schedule a call, leave a video reply, or be redirected somewhere on your site, without having to do too much planning or thinking. We recommend even verbally guiding your prospects to the buttons, such as by saying something like “to schedule a demo, click the calendar button below!”

5. Share your screen to provide helpful product demonstrations.

Share detailed screen recordings of your product or company to visually guide your prospects in a compelling way and to give very thorough walkthroughs.

Your leads must see your product to believe it!

6. Be aware of your recording space - background, lighting, and noise.

Making an effort to have a clean background, nice lighting, and reduced background noise in your video can go a long way.

The goal is to keep the viewer entirely focused on you and your pitch, and to ensure they are not distracted by anything outside of that.

7. Share your video with an animated GIF (not just a link) by embedding in an Email or by sending via LinkedIn.

To quickly grab your prospects' attention and make them excited to watch your video, embed your Tolstoy in an Email or share through LinkedIn which will include a hyperlinked, animated GIF!

8. Include a strong subject line.

Hook your audience immediately with an intriguing and personalized subject line. You can even include the word “video” in the subject line to boost open rate and let your audience know that there’s a special video waiting for them in the message.

9. Add some text (but not too much) for context in your email body.

While most of what you want to say will be included in the prospecting video, you’ll want to add some context around the video to explain why you’re reaching out and encourage them to watch it.

Keep in mind: adding some context is important, but make sure not to overdo it - you’ll want to add enough text around your video to motivate them to open it, but still leave some mystery to entice them to actually watch what you created for them.

10. Keep close tabs on your analytics.

This will allow you to gain insight into what could be improved to boost open rate, response rate, and a better success rate in getting those meetings booked.

Some things to look out for: places of drop off, amount of time spent, and which button options were the most (or least) clicked on. This will allow you to improve your video outreach to see even better results the next time.

11. Be yourself!

Let your personality shine and embrace any imperfections in your video. Sometimes mistakes may actually be charming to your leads, and can allow them to connect with you easily.

You’re both human, after all.

Looking for some extra inspiration?

Check out our very own video outreach example here, or feel free to contact us at with any other questions.

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