When it comes to video support, nothing is more useful than providing a live demonstration of your product using a screen recording. That's why we included a screen recording option on Tolstoy! And it's so easy to use 😌

  1. Select New Tolstoy. You can choose between Interactive Video, Video Feed, or Video Quiz.

  2. Select Record screen.

  3. A small window should pop up at the corner of the screen! Click on Start recording.

  4. Choose what you want to share - you can share your Entire Screen, Window, or Tab. If you want to show your face at the bottom of the screen, choose Entire Screen.

  5. Go to the tab you want to record, and start your demonstration. To stop, click on the green check box.

  6. Continue editing your Tolstoy! Make sure that the Fill screen toggle is off, in order for the viewers to be able to see your entire screen.

That is it! Here you can see us demonstrating screen recording - using screen recording! How meta 🤯

Have any questions? Feel free to send us a note to support@gotolstoy.com.

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