In any Tolstoy, you have the ability to set various response options for the different buttons that you create. Depending on what you choose, the answer options can provide the user a way of interacting with you (a video, text, or audio response), or too be sent to external link, or to chat directly with you.

Follow this simple guide to see how!

  1. Make a Tolstoy and Add a question with answers. Your Tolstoy should look something like this:

  2. Choose what type of response each choice should prompt. The right side of the choices section indicates what action each choice corresponds to.

    Each option provides the user a different way to interact with the Tolstoy -

    Next step will simply take the user to the next part of the Tolstoy.
    Free text prompts the user to enter text that will be sent to the Tolstoy creator.
    Lead form asks for some user information such as email address, name, etc.
    Video response prompts the user to record a response video.
    Audio response prompts the user to respond using audio.
    Calendar allows the user to set a meeting time with the Tolstoy creator.
    Promo code gives the user a promo code that they get as a reward for watching the Tolstoy.
    Chat will redirect the user to one of the live chat platforms that are integrated with Tolstoy (click here to learn more).
    Link redirects the user to the desired link.

    In the above example, the choice “Show me your favorite color” will prompt the user to take a video response, “Describe your favorite color" asks the user for an audio response, and “Write down your favorite color” elicits a text response.

  3. Once you are satisfied with the question, choices, and choice types, press Create Tolstoy on the bottom left.

That’s it! You can now choose what type of response you want from users depending on the choices they select.

Once you are satisfied, you can embed, publish, and share your Tolstoy wherever you want!

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