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How do I add products in a shoppable Tolstoy?
How do I add products in a shoppable Tolstoy?

Learn how to incorporate our "add to cart" feature to give your shoppers a unique shopping experience!

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The Tolstoy x Shopify integration just got even better! Now, you can add a built-in "add to cart" feature to your Tolstoy, which will allow your shoppers to experience the product and add it on the spot, all from within your video! After theyโ€™re done building their cart in your Tolstoy, they will be redirected to a checkout page in your shop with the products they chose.

Your shoppable Tolstoy can be embedded into your site, appear as a widget and you can even send a Tolstoy as a link or embed it in an email.

OMG. we know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Make sure your Tolstoy account is connected to your Shopify account - Shopify: Tolstoy Installation

  2. Begin creating your Tolstoy by clicking Onsite -> Create Tolstoy -> Create from scratch -> Widget (Swipeable or Branching).

  3. Choose the page where you want it to display.

    Branching Widget

  4. You will be routed to your video files. Choose the videos you want to use in your widget.

  5. Create your first part on the Videos tab. Click on Shoppable.


  6. Search for the products in your store you would like to add and add as many products from your store as you'd like. Once done, click Save. These are the products that will be displayed to your viewers when they interact with your Tolstoy!


    Swipeable Widget

  7. If you choose Swipeable, you will be automatically routed to the "Automated" feed type. Go to the Design tab and make sure "Make videos shoppable" is toggled on.

  8. Go to the "Videos" tab and choose your playlist/(s) and the videos will be automatically filtered. You can tag more products by selecting the video/(s) and searching for a product/(s) you want to tag.

  9. You can also opt for a manual swipeable widget by clicking on Settings (the icon beside the Analytics button in the upper right-hand corner). Choose "Manual" on the feed type.

  10. Add video parts in the "Videos" tab.

  11. You can click on the drop-down menu to choose the page you want to direct your shoppers to. You have the option to choose from Add to cart, Buy now, or Product page.

  12. If you choose Branching, there's only Buy now button.

That's it! Check out your new shoppable Tolstoy.

Once your viewers click Go to checkout, they will be taken to a checkout page in your store!

Don't hesitate to send us your feedback or any questions you may have at!

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