What are Tolstoy responses?

Monitor all of the responses to your Tolstoy using the responses tab!

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Publishing your Tolstoy is only half of the story - the second stage is to manage the responses you receive. Keep track of user interactions, and responses you receive to your Tolstoys, and respond back to your viewers!

  1. Navigate to the Responses tab of the Tolstoy you want to check.

  2. See here all of the responses you received on your Tolstoy!

  3. Each response can be marked as Read/unread, Archive, or you can even report it as Spam.

  4. You can sort by Status.

    All - all of the interactions to your Tolstoy - including anonymous responses.
    Unread - shows only the interactions you haven't opened.
    Replied - shows interactions you replied to.
    Archive - shows archived interactions. You are also able to restore items from the archive.

    Spam - shows interactions reported as spam.

  5. You can also use Filters.

    Completed - shows only interactions where the user reached the end of the Tolstoy.
    Email collected - filters out anonymous responses.
    Video response - shows only responses that include video responses.
    Audio response - shows only responses that include audio responses.
    Text response - shows only responses that include text responses.

  6. Follow up with viewers using a Video, Screen recording, or Text response!

    For the text response, simply type your response into the text box and hit send.

    A video reply will prompt you to record yourself, as follows:

    This is the same page that is seen when recording a video for your Tolstoy! You can choose to record a new video, record your screen, upload a video from your computer storage, or choose a video that you have already uploaded for a different Tolstoy. Plus, you can even import from TikTok or Instagram.

    Click Save once you are ready, and your viewer will receive an email notification that they have been responded to.

That is it! If you are looking for an overview of all of the responses you received divided by contacts, check out our Threads section!

Have any questions? Feel free to send us a note at support@gotolstoy.com.

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