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How do I use the Threads section in the Tolstoy app?
How do I use the Threads section in the Tolstoy app?

Begin an interactive conversation with your viewers using Tolstoy!

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When a user interacts with your Tolstoy, their responses will be saved and can be viewed at any time. You might want to respond to these user interactions to provide them with more information, or just to reach out. That's why we created the Tolstoy Inbox, which enables you to easily monitor and respond to everyone who's interacted with your Tolstoy!

Navigate to your Dashboard, and click on the Threads tab.

You will see the Threads dashboard, which gathers all of the responses you've ever received on all of your Tolstoys.

Choose if you wish to answer by Video, screen recording, or by text.

For the text reply, just type it into the text box, and it will be sent to the user's provided email address.

A video reply will prompt you to record yourself as follows:

This is the same page that is seen when recording a video for your Tolstoy! You can choose to record a new video, record your screen, upload a video from your computer storage, and you may even import it from TikTok, or choose a video that you have already uploaded for a different Tolstoy.

Click Save once you are ready, and your viewer will receive an email notification that they have been responded to.

The screen recording will prompt the Tolstoy Chrome extension.

Manage and Organize your Responses

Close and open tickets

In the Tolstoy inbox, you have the ability to archive resolved tickets into the "closed" folder. To close a ticket, click on Close ticket in the upper right corner.

To switch between the open and closed, click on the small arrow.

You can also re-open tickets when searching in your Closed folder, by clicking reopen ticket on the upper right corner.

Tickets will automatically be reopened when your customer responds!

Assign tickets to team members

Click on Unassign in the upper right corner.

Choose a team member to assign.

The ticket will now be assigned!

Filter tickets

Click on the funnel near the Inbox. You'll be able to filter the tickets based on the Tolstoy they were sent to, or by assignee!

You’re all set! Now you can reply to any interactions with your Tolstoys.

Have any questions? Feel free to send us a note to

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