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How can I use Tolstoy to qualify leads?
How can I use Tolstoy to qualify leads?

Create a unique interactive video to maximize efficiency when qualifying leads

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Not all leads are created equal! In less than ten minutes, you can create your own custom Tolstoy, to best reach your potential leads. Start by creating your Tolstoy, and use these simple tips for maximum efficiency ๐Ÿ’ช

Why should you use an interactive video?

The engaging and conversational nature of interactive videos will minimize clients' drop off and increase the chance for them to remain and leave their details! Instead of a landing page that requests clients' details, they will first be drawn to the interactive video, where they will be able to leave their details quickly and continue watching.

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  • Incorporate stock questions in your Tolstoy

Create a Tolstoy, and begin adding your stock questions to begin filtering out irrelevant leads - such as budget, position (title) and urgency.

  • Ask the lead to describe their issue using a video, audio or text response

For open questions, you can prompt your lead to describe their needs in their preferred medium - video, audio, or text. We recommend that you toggle on Default responses, to quickly add the three response types to your video (of course, you can create your own too).

  • Use a lead form to collect contact details

It is crucial that after your viewer has answered your question, they will be asked to leave their details. The lead form customization options are endless - you can ask your viewers to leave their name, email address, phone number - whatever information you need, the sky's the limit.

  • Create personal interaction with your prospects using video responses

In lead qualification, creating a natural atmosphere is key; this can be done by replying to your viewers with video responses: this way, the viewer can get acquainted with you personally, creating a feeling of trust and openness.

  • Turn on email notifications to never miss out on a thing!

To make sure you never miss out on any potential lead, turn on email notifications. Customize the interactions to be notified, to increase efficiency!

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That is it! In less than ten minutes, you created a unique Tolstoy that enables you to save time and have meaningful interactions with your leads.

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