By creating a Tolstoy, you can communicate asynchronously via video to your users. But what if they want to communicate back to you through video as well?

The video response feature allows users to send video replies back to you as they answer questions on your Tolstoy. You will see all of their video responses in your Tolstoy dashboard. From here, you can reply back to them via video once again, creating asynchronous flow of video communication between you and your users.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Select + Create New Tolstoy, or use an existing Tolstoy in your account.

  2. Add a video part to your Tolstoy, either by making your own or by using a pre-made template.

  3. Type any question you want to ask, input your answer options, and click on the blue box that says Next step.

  4. Switch the option from Next step to Video response. This will open up the ability for your user to submit a video response when they select this answer.

  5. When you finish your Tolstoy, click Share Tolstoy in the top right of your screen to share your Tolstoy via link, email, embedded on your website, or however else you want to collect responses from your users.

  6. After users play your shared Tolstoy, they will have the option to respond to your video part by selecting the button displaying the video camera.

  7. Users will be taken to this screen, allowing them to select Start Recording.

  8. After they are done recording their response, they will select Send response. The video response they submit will be sent to your Tolstoy dashboard.

  9. After users submit the video response, they can input their email in the lead form so you know how to respond back to them.

  10. In your Tolstoy dashboard, go to Inbox to view all user responses.

  11. You can reply to your viewer using a video, screen recording, macro or text by clicking on one of the icons below -

  12. After hitting reply by video, you can record another video of yourself to reply to your user, and click Send to email to send this video back to them.

  13. This is what the video reply will look like in their email! From here, your users can select View reply to watch the video you sent back to them.

  14. And here it is! Users can watch your response and reply once again with video by clicking the button with the video camera.

And that's it! You can continue this back and forth asynchronous conversation with your users for as long as you'd like.

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