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How do I publish videos on the Shop app's product pages?
How do I publish videos on the Shop app's product pages?

Increase conversions and customer satisfaction by showcasing product videos directly on your Shop App product pages.

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Tolstoy has partnered with Shopify to make it easy for brands like yours to add shoppable videos to your Shop store. The best part is that it’s free AND easy! Keep reading to upgrade your Shop store in just a few minutes.

In case you missed it:

Shop is Shopify’s app for shopping on a mobile device. Over 100 million buyers are on the Shop app and it’s designed to drive traffic to your store so that you can increase your sales.

In this article, you’ll learn how to launch product pages feeds on your Shop store PDPs and update them whenever you want.


The tagging step is crucial to ensure that your store stands out and presents videos in a unique and engaging way. By not completing this tagging step, Tolstoy won't be able to showcase the videos in your Shop store.

1. Tag your Shopify products in the videos in your Tolstoy library. You can learn about tagging products here.

2. Go to the Shop tab in Tolstoy.

3. Select Product page.

4. Start creating.

Features and Adjustments

After completing steps 1-4, you are now in the Shop app product pages section. In this section, you can make adjustments before publishing your feed live on your product pages in the Shop app. Keep reading to learn about the features and adjustments you can make to the feeds on your Shop app product pages.

1. Preview

In the “Search products” bar, type the name of the products that you want to preview in your product page feed. You can preview the videos which are tagged with the product page you’ve entered into the search bar.

The number on the right side of the search results indicates how many videos have been tagged with each product or the specific product that you typed into the search bar.

2. Adding/removing products from tagged videos

The videos that are already tagged with those products will appear.

Now, you can click on each video to add or remove any products before continuing the process of setting up your feeds.

You can tag one or multiple products in each video. When you are finished tagging products for that video, click the Save button.

3. Video Inventory

You can see how many videos are included on each product page. You can click on + New videos to add more videos to the feed.

4. Setting Shop Live

Once you have added all of the products that you want in your product page feed, select Publish. This will launch your selected videos as a feed on your Shop product pages.

Updating your feed

You can easily update your Shop product page feed with new video content by adding fresh videos from your Tolstoy video library.

First, you need to return to your video library to complete the following actions:

  1. Tag videos from the video library with new or additional products.


2. Untag videos that you don’t want to show in your product pages feed.


Not sure how to tag or untag products from the videos in your video library? We’ve got you covered. Check out this help article to learn more about tagging videos.

When you’re finished tagging or untagging videos, simply click the Sync videos button located in the top right corner of the page. This action will update your feed with the recently added or removed videos.


Anytime you tag a product in a Tolstoy video, that video will also appear next to your products on Shop after you sync your videos.

Also, whenever you make any changes to your product page feeds, you must click Sync Videos so the updates can be implemented into the feeds.

Pausing your feed

To hide or remove the feed from your Shop product page, simply click the orange Pause button located in the top right corner of the page. This action will conceal the feed in your Shop while you make adjustments such as adding or removing videos.


When you're ready to relaunch the feed, click the Publish button to make your feed visible and live in your Shop PDPs.

Need help?

You can reach out to our friendly support team in two ways:

  1. using our live chat option, which can be found by clicking on the chat icon on any Tolstoy page in the lower right corner

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