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How can I add a Carousel to my Shopify store?
How can I add a Carousel to my Shopify store?

Add a carousel of Tolstoy videos to your site for a fun and unique viewing experience!

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Carousel is an efficient way to add a professional, eye-catching display to your Shopify store. By adding a carousel to your store, you can showcase diverse products, present company information more clearly, and increase conversions. By following these steps, you can easily add the Carousel in no time.

Manual Carousel

  1. Click on the Rules tab and choose the product page/(s) you want your carousel to be displayed and click Save.

  2. Click on the drop-down alongside the "Publish" button.

  3. Copy ID.

  4. Click "Done".

    Here's the Publish/Feed ID in Settings.

    Automated Carousel

    Create Tolstoy carousel and choose automated. Add video conditions accordingly, set to Any conditions and click Save. In this example, the carousel may be displayed both on the homepage and on product pages. If you only want to display the carousel on your product pages, choose 'Tagged Product' video condition and set it to 'All conditions'. Then, follow steps 3-5 for publishing, the same as the manual carousel above.

  5. Go to your Shopify theme and click Customize.

  6. Before you can set this Tolstoy live, please enable the Tolstoy app on your theme -> App embeds (once per store), if you haven't done this already.

    Click on Tolstoy…

  7. Search and click on the Home page if you want your carousel to only appear on your home page.

    Click on Home page if you want your stories to appear here.

  8. Search and click on Products if you want your carousel to appear only on your selected product page/(s).

    Click on Products if you want your stories to appear here.

  9. Click on Default product. Your carousel will automatically appear on the PDP/(s) you chose in the Rules section if Manual and "Tagged Product" condition if Automated.

    Click on Default product. Your stories will automatically appear on the PDPs you chose on your Launch to Site - Product page section.

  10. Click on + Add block or + Add section.

    Click on Add section

  11. Type "Tolstoy carousel" and click on it.

    Click on Tolstoy carousel…

  12. Paste the Publish ID then, click on Save.

Click on Save

If you can't find the 'Tolstoy carousel' on your Shopify product page, copy the code by clicking on the drop-down alongside "Pause" (this indicates the carousel is live) or "Publish" (make sure to click this to set the carousel live and choose Done) button in the Tolstoy app.

Go to your Shopify theme, click on the three dots, and choose Edit code.

Type product in the search field. Under Sections or Snippets, whichever is applicable, click on product-template.liquid and paste the code into your product page's template liquid in your desired position.

Go to your selected page (I chose the home page on my example) to see your carousel in action.

If you choose the Product page, go to your selected product page to see your carousel in action.

Carousel's Title Font

This is how to make the title go with the site's font.

Add this code to the carousel's code in the custom liquid. Change the <your own font> to the font's code.

font-family:<your own font> !important;

And you are done! If you have any questions about embedding the Carousel into your site, don't hesitate to reach out at

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