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How can I reposition the widget on my website?
How can I reposition the widget on my website?

Learning to adjust the video alignment for a perfect widget view.

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Did it ever happen to you that your video thumbnail is cropped and not very pleasing for your audience to see? Worry no more! It's now a thing of the past. You now have total control of how your widget thumbnail will look like.

If you'd like to know how, please keep reading.

  1. First, go to the Design tab and click on Widget.

    Click on Widget

  2. Scroll down to Appearance -> Video alignment, then click the Reposition button.

    Click on Reposition

  3. Drag to adjust the video alignment.

    Click on highlight

  4. When you're satisfied, click Save.

    Click on Save

And that’s it! Your widget is now ready to be shared!

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