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Why won't my extension screen record?
Why won't my extension screen record?
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In this article, we'll explore all of the possible reasons to why you're may be struggling to screen record using Tolstoy's Chrome Extension.

Browser Version

In your browser settings, click About Chrome. Make sure that the browser version is up to date, and update if needed.

Enabling Screen Sharing Permissions

Tab Permissions

In your chrome tab, click on the small lock on the search bar. Make sure that the camera and microphone permissions are toggled on.

Browser Settings

Navigate to Chrome's settings. Go to Security and Privacy. Under Permissions, make sure that Camera and Microphone permissions are toggled on.

Computer Permissions

Quit Google Chrome first, then navigate to your computer's settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab > Screen Recording and uncheck and check again Google Chrome.

If you've completed all of the above and are still experiencing issues with the extension, please don't hesitate to reach out to These types of issues are of highest priority to us, and our goal is to get you started with Tolstoy ASAP!

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