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How can I use Tolstoy for video support?
How can I use Tolstoy for video support?

Join the customer support revolution by branching out to video support!

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More and more companies are beginning to branch out of traditional customer support; while emails, phone calls, and chats are still prevalent, video support is becoming increasingly popular, and rightfully so!

If you are considering expanding to video support, now is the time. Video support enables you to:

  • Save time and energy while providing a personalized experience for clients

  • Improve your clients' experience by directly answering their questions with videos of your screen and camera

  • Provide deep explanations to complex questions, and get authentic customer feedback that doesn't translate to text

  • Help clients get familiar with your product by providing live video demonstrations

  • and much, much more... 🤩

Follow these simple steps to get started!

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Set up a chatbot widget

Make your website stand out from the crowd by switching the traditional chat bubble to a Tolstoy widget!

Show your viewers a friendly face and ask them if they need any help. Prompt them to leave a text, audio, or video response, to which you could follow up and have an ongoing conversation to help resolve your customer's issue.

In your chat correspondence with the customer, you are not limited to text responses only! You can also reply to your client using video responses, which enables a more meaningful conversation.

Instead of a text response, send a screen recording

A great man once said, if you give a customer a fish, you feed them for a day. Teach your customer to fish by helping them understand the product, demonstrating how to resolve their issue on their own, and making them master all of the amazing features you can offer! Oh, and feed them for a lifetime.

If you need to guide your clients through a specific issue, screen recording is an extremely efficient and easy way to not only resolve their issue but to help them learn more about the product. Use our extension to directly respond to your clients with a screen recording.

Give video follow-ups using the inbox

In Tolstoy, all the responses to all of your Tolstoys can be found in the Inbox tab. Monitoring responses and making sure no question was lifted unanswered is key to customer satisfaction. To give even more personalized service, show yourself to your clients in a video response!

When should I use video responses?

  • For broader, general questions about your product and service.

  • When the client sends a video response themselves, you can respond with a video to create a more conversational atmosphere.

  • To ask for clients' feedback and reviews.

That is it! There is really no limit to what you can accomplish using video support.

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