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How can I turn on email notifications?
How can I turn on email notifications?

How to automatically receive an email when a user interacts with your Tolstoy

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You might want to immediately know when a user interacts with your Tolstoy. We provide different levels of email notifications so that you receive emails depending on the type of interaction with your Tolstoy. Follow this quick guide to see how! ✉️

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard and choose the Tolstoy for which you want to edit the email notifications. Click on the Settings icon (beside the Analytics button on the upper right).

    Click on highlight

  2. Go to the Notifications subsection. Enter the email/(s) you want to receive notification and click Save.

    Click on <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></a>

  3. Choose the notification/(s) you wish to receive and click Save when you are done.

    Click on Impression…

That is it! If you want to learn more about managing responses in Tolstoy, feel free to check out these other related content:

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