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How can I create Tolstoys on mobile?

Easily create Tolstoys on your phone or tablet.

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It's super easy and accessible to create a Tolstoy from your phone or tablet. Every function available on desktop is mobile-friendly as well, so check out how we like to use Tolstoy on our phones!

  1. To sign in, go to and click on the toolbar in the top right corner. Click on Sign in.

  2. Once you enter your dashboard, go to Onsite and click on Create Tolstoy to start, or click Create from scratch and choose among Stories, Carousel, Widget (Swipeable or Branching), TV Page, Hero, or Embed.

  3. You have the option to upload video files already stored on your phone, import from TikTok and Instagram, record a new video, record a screen, use videos from your library, use your Tolstoy library, or use one of our stock videos.

    Upload file: upload video content already stored on your phone right into Tolstoy.

    Import from TikTok: import videos directly from TikTok.

    Import from Instagram: import videos straight from Instagram.

    Record video: record content straight from your phone on the spot.

    Record screen: captures all activities and visuals displayed on your smartphone's screen in real-time.
    Video Library: holds previous videos which you've uploaded that you can choose from.

    Tolstoy Library: holds all Tolstoys created by team members.
    Stock videos: provide you with a variety of stock videos to choose from.

    Make sure your settings are set to vertical orientation when recording from your phone!

You're all set! You have endless possibilities of kinds of Tolstoys you can create on your phone or tablet.

To add more steps and logical branches to your Tolstoy, see our guide on How to Create a Branched Widget.

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