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How can I collect contact details from my audience?
How can I collect contact details from my audience?

How to create a pop up form inside your Tolstoys to collect information from your users.

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In any Tolstoy, you can ask your viewers to identify themselves by adding a contact form that requests their name, email address, phone number, and/or any custom field! To set it up, follow these simple steps!

Create your contact form

  1. Head over to the Contact form section.

    Here's how you can customize your contact form!

    CTA text - enables you to choose the message that will appear in the contact form.

    Background - allows you to customize the color you prefer for your contact form.

    Collect details after responses - ask for contact details after a response. If contact details have not been collected yet.

    Hide lead form after submission - your respondents will only be allowed to fill out the contact form once.

    Contact details after part - place your contact form after a specific part, no matter what button the viewer clicks.

    Name, Email, Phone - toggle on one of these fields to ask the viewers for these details as well.
    Custom fields - enable you to add another field of your choice.

    Select Consent if you want your viewers to approve your terms and conditions!

  2. After customizing your contact form, click Save on the upper right of your screen.

  3. And you're set! Your contact form is now in your Tolstoy and will look like this.

Note that if you're requesting for multiple items, they will be requested one after another.

Set the contact form to appear anytime someone submits a response

It would be a good idea to set the contact form to appear anytime a user submits a response in order for you to be able to respond back to them. Without contact details, they will be captured under the system as anonymous.

For that, toggle Collect details after responses.

Set the contact form to appear after a certain part

If you want your lead to appear only at a certain part, toggle on Collect details after part, and in the drop-down menu, choose when you want the lead form to appear.

Set the contact form to appear for a specific answer only

  1. While editing your video, include a contact form response.

  2. Go to the contact form section, and make sure the Collect details are turned off.

That's it! Your audience will be prompted to answer your contact form ☁️

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