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What are Tolstoy player events?
What are Tolstoy player events?

Subscribe to JS events from your Tolstoy Embedded Player!

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Customize a viewer's experience with your Tolstoy by subscribing to JavaScript events!

Tolstoy’s player uses window.postMessage() to post event from the embedded iframe to the parent hosting site! For more information about this method, we recommend checking out this article.

Here is an example of using an event:

  window.addEventListener("message", message => {
if ( === 'tolstoyStarted') {
console.log("Tolsoty Started",

All events will send the event name in the name attribute,

In addition, all events will send the following.

accountId - Your account ID

projectId - Your project ID

videoName - The name of the first video

anonymousId - Viewer ID


  • Tolstoy Started - the user clicked the start button for the first time
    name: tolstoyStarted

  • Answer Button Clicked - the user clicked on one of the answers
    name: tolstoyAnswerClicked
    text: The text content of the clicked answer

  • Free Text Submit - the user submitted the free text form or a date
    name: tolstoyInputSubmit
    text: The free text form or date picker form was submitted

  • Lead Form Submit - the user submitted one of the steps in the lead form
    name: tolstoyLeadFormSubmit
    email (Nullable) - The email that the user submitted
    name (Nullable) - The name that the user submitted
    phone (Nullable) - The phone number that the user submitted
    customFields (Nullable) - A list of the custom fields that you’ve added to the form (each object has the custom key and the user’s input value)

  • Tolsoty Ended - The user completed the Tolstoy and reached the end
    name: tolstoyReachedEnd

And that's it! If you are interested in advanced customization options and APIs, check out our other similar content -

If you still need help, we're happy to chat! Please send an email to and we'll get back to you in less than 24 hours!

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