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How to share Tolstoy through Yotpo email
How to share Tolstoy through Yotpo email
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Increase engagement, add dynamics, and boost sales by adding Tolstoy’s Shoppable videos to your email campaigns.

Before you begin:

There are three types of videos that you can share:
1. Swipeable - (Shoppable video feed) transform your videos into a dynamic shopping experience by tagging products.

2. Branching - (Interactive video) creating videos that include Calls-To-Action (CTAs). Guide your audience through a personalized journey by enabling them to make choices within the video.

3. A single video - for a straightforward approach, select the Branching format and upload a single video.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Offsite - > Click New Tolstoy -> Choose between Swipeable or Branching.

  2. For Shoppable video feed, tag products by clicking the search icon and choosing the product/(s) to tag.

  3. Once done, click Publish.

  4. Go to the Email tab. Then select Yotpo as your email distribution system. Click on Copy code and paste it into your tool.

  5. In your Yotpo account, click on SMS & Email.

  6. Go to My Campaigns -> Create campaign if you haven't done it already.

  7. If you've already created a campaign, click Email, select the campaign by clicking the three dots on the right.

  8. Click Edit.

  9. Scroll down to Edit content.

  10. Drag HTML to the section where you want the gif to appear in your email.

  11. Insert the HTML in the code editor. Then, click Save & close.

  12. You can click the Preview button on the upper right.

    You will see your email preview on desktop or mobile.

    Centering your Tolstoy Gif

    If for some reason you're struggling to center your Tolstoy within the email, you can use this code snippet:

    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
    <td align="center" class="col" width="600">
    <div class="col_content">

Need help?

You can reach out to our friendly support team in two ways:

  1. Using our live chat option, which can be found by clicking on the pink chat icon

    on any Tolstoy page in the lower right corner.

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