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Tolstoy Pricing

Understanding Tolstoy plan and pricing

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In this article, you'll learn about the various plans, their pricing differences, and the features they provide. It clearly outlines what each plan offers and how they vary in cost. Whether you need something simple or more extensive, this overview simplifies your choices, making it easier to pick the plan that fits your needs perfectly.

Free Plan

Free Plan will allow users to share Tolstoy in email and SMS campaigns and will let you create videos in your Shop App. You can share by links and share on social media platform. With this plan, you can create Up to 10 Tolstoy with up to 5 video parts each. The maximum video length that you can upload is up to 5 mins per part.

💡Tip: If you want to share your videos on site, you are encouraged to try and start your 14 day trial.

Pro Plan

The starting price of our Pro plan is $19 per month. It will give you the ability to create Unlimited Tolstoys and 5000 included views per month. What are views? These are the number of times your Tolstoy was displayed to unique viewers. For any views exceeding the 5000 included in your plan, there's an additional charge of $0.010 per extra view, which equals $10 for every 1000 additional views.

⚠️ Important: Unique views are equivalent to your website's monthly visitors.

💡Tip: The Pro plan is best for brands with under 30K visitors/month.

Business Plan

Our business plan starts at $299 per month, offering Unlimited Tolstoys and 50,000 included views per month. If your views exceed the 50,000 limit, there's an extra $5 for every 1000 additional views. This plan also features personalized onboarding, VIP support, the option to remove Tolstoy branding from your videos, and the ability to create your custom landing page.

💡Tip: The Business plan is best for Brands with 30K-100K visitors/month.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan provides a fixed price and offers unlimited Tolstoy views, the option to remove Tolstoy branding, and the ability to create a custom landing page. This plan also features customized analytics, VIP support, a dedicated Success Manager, and regularly conducts strategy and performance analysis.

💡Tip: The Enterprise plan is best for brands with over 100K visitors/month and brands seeking enterprise-grade service level.

Need help?

You can reach out to our friendly support team in two ways:

  1. Via email at

  2. Using our live chat option, which can be found by clicking on the pink chat icon on any Tolstoy page in the lower right corner.

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