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How do I add videos to my Shop store with the new partnership?
How do I add videos to my Shop store with the new partnership?

Dramatically improve your customers’ experience on Shop with video.

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Written by Dov Kaufmann
Updated over a week ago

Shop is Shopify’s mobile app and channel that allows buyers to discover new products, track their orders, and receive personalized recommendations.

Now, thanks to a new partnership with Tolstoy, buyers can engage with shoppable videos directly inside Shop app.

This functionality is currently only available to Tolstoy customers.

There are a few reasons why I believe this new partnership is a game-changer:

  1. Drive new traffic to your Shop Store. Discovery on Shop is mostly visual, and there will be a heavy emphasis on video discovery. Since only Tolstoy customers are currently able to showcase videos, you will have a huge competitive advantage in buyers’ discovery flows. Your videos can now be seen by tens of millions of Shop App users; as a result, I expect your videos to drive a lot of new traffic to your brand.

  2. Your videos will increase your sales on your Shop Store. Tolstoy shoppable videos are proven to increase click-throughs, conversions, AOV, and time spent on your website. Now, because only Tolstoy customers can display videos on their Shop Stores, they are likely going to drive an even greater impact than anything you’ve seen to date.

There is no additional cost for you to use this feature. And this new partnership does not impact or alter any of the video content on your online store.

Management of your Shop videos now lives inside your Tolstoy dashboard, as a new tab in the navigation menu. Through the Shop channel, in the Shopify admin, you can monitor performance and track the success of your shoppable video.

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