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How can I hide/show tagged products?
How can I hide/show tagged products?

Introducing a new layout for tagged products on shoppable videos

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We're introducing a new collapsed layout for tagged products. This new layout allows users to hide/show the tagged products at their convenience. This feature will come in handy if the tagged videos overlap with video captions or if your customers wish to view the video without any distractions. Customers can now enjoy the video without any distractions and can easily view the products by clicking on the tags when they're ready to make a purchase.

This is only possible for swipeable videos or feeds and if not viewed in full screen. You can use this information to optimize your shoppable videos and create a better shopping experience for your customers.

Here's a video walkthrough.


Tagging your videos with products also gives you a better understanding of how Tolstoy impacts your shoppable videos' direct revenue and overall experience.

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