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Why is the Appearance Thumbnail Locked in the Tolstoy App?
Why is the Appearance Thumbnail Locked in the Tolstoy App?

You may encounter a locked appearance thumbnail when using the Tolstoy app. We'll explore why this happens and how you can resolve it.

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The appearance thumbnail is an essential element for any video content. It serves as a preview of what the video is all about and helps viewers quickly identify what they can expect.

The Tolstoy app is a great tool for creating and editing videos. However, it has limitations when it comes to setting a custom appearance thumbnail. If you have trimmed your video in the Tolstoy app, the appearance thumbnail may be locked. The app will only use the thumbnail from the original untrimmed video. This can be frustrating, especially if you want to use a specific image as the thumbnail to better represent your video content.

How to Resolve the Appearance Thumbnail Lock in the Tolstoy App

To resolve the appearance thumbnail lock in the Tolstoy app, you will need to trim your video using a third-party app before importing it to the Tolstoy app. There are many free video editing apps available that you can use to trim your video.

Once you have trimmed your video using a third-party app, you can import it into the Tolstoy app and begin editing your thumbnail. You can ensure that the correct thumbnail is used and that your viewers can quickly identify the content of your video.

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