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Why are my Products Appearing as ‘Out of Stock’?
Why are my Products Appearing as ‘Out of Stock’?

How users can resolve the 'out of stock' issue and ensure that their products are available for purchase.

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Are your products showing up as 'out of stock' and you're not sure why? Here are some possible reasons and solutions to help you get your products available for purchase:

  1. Insufficient inventory: Make sure to regularly check your inventory levels and restock as needed to avoid running out of stock.

  2. Technical issues: Sometimes, technical issues can cause your products to display as 'out of stock' even when you have sufficient inventory. Try refreshing your page or clearing your cache to see if the issue resolves itself.

  3. Incorrect inventory settings: Double-check that your inventory settings are configured correctly. You may have accidentally marked a product as 'out of stock' when it's actually available.

  4. Sales channels not synced: If you sell your products on multiple channels, make sure that your inventory levels are synced across all channels. If you've sold out of a product on one channel but not the other, it can appear as 'out of stock' in some places but not others.

  5. Using a 3rd party fulfillment service: If you use a 3rd party fulfillment service to manage your inventory and orders, it's possible that the integration between their service and Tolstoy may not be working properly. Make sure to check with your fulfillment service to see if there are any issues with their integration.

By addressing these common issues, you should be able to resolve the 'out of stock' problem and get your products back on track. If you continue to have trouble, reach out to Tolstoy's support team at or your fulfillment service provider for additional assistance.

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