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How can I create a carousel?
How can I create a carousel?
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Hey there, we've got something exciting for you - our ultimate guide to Carousel!

Carousel is a popular Tolstoy feature that lets you create short, snappy videos that are perfect for catching your customer's attention. Our article covers everything you need to know about Carousel, from the basics of how to use them to expert tips and tricks for creating awesome content. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, come join us and let's dive into the fun and creative world of Carousel together!

1. Click the Onsite tab.

2. Click on New Tolstoy.

3. Click on Carousel and choose where you like to publish your carousel.

4. Click on New Video then, choose the type of content you want to use for your Carousel. You can film a video on the spot, upload a video file, use stock footage, and even import TikTok or Instagram videos!

5. Choose if you want to create a Shoppable or Description side panel type.

If you chose Shoppable, add the product from your site that you want on your Carousel.

If you chose a Description, instead of a product, you can add a description to your Carousel.

Click on Description

You can add another button with a link. Toggle ON the Link button, add the Text and paste the URL.

Add more parts to your Carousel to make them scrollable, and be sure to name your parts! Part names are visible on the Carousel.

Looking to make your Carousel stand out? Check out our awesome design and customization features! With our tools, you can add your personal touch to your profile, choose your own colors and fonts, and create a unique look that reflects your style. So, get creative and have fun making your profile truly yours!

1. Click on the Design tab.

Here's a short explanation of the functions of the Design tab:


Make videos shoppable - Allows you to make the videos shoppable automatically for easier navigation.
View feed in fullscreen - Allows you to view the feed in fullscreen mode, providing a better viewing experience.

Auto-scroll to next video - Automatically scrolls to the next video when the current video has ended, providing a seamless viewing experience.

Play unviewed videos first - Plays unviewed videos first in your feed, ensuring that you never miss a new post from your favorite accounts.

Product details

Sales badge - Display a badge on products that are on sale, catching the attention of potential buyers.

Shipping - Displays shipping information for products, making it easier for buyers to make purchasing decisions.

Show in-stock / out of stock - Displays whether a product is in-stock or out of stock, providing transparency to potential buyers.

Recommended products - Displays recommended products on your page, potentially increasing sales and customer engagement.
Subscription - Allows users to check out if they are having errors on Shopify checkout page.


Border radius - Allows customization of the corners of the embedded video player, making them rounded or square.

Motion - Adds motion effects to your Carousel, making your content more dynamic and engaging.

Border thickness - Customize the thickness of the border around your Carousel, creating a more distinct and defined look.

Border color - Customizes the color of the border around your Carousel, allowing you to match your brand's color scheme.

Text - Adds a title to your Carousel, providing context and information to your viewers.

Text size - Allows customization of the size of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Text weight - Allows customization of the thickness of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Text color - Allows customization of the color of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Transparency - Adjust the transparency of your play button, allowing you to create unique and creative effects.


Appearance - Allows customization of the appearance of video parts and thumbnails.

Video Tutorial on how to create your carousel


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You're all set and good to go! If you have any questions about the feed, give us a shout at, and we'll be more than happy to help! Happy reading!

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