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How can I create a carousel?
How can I create a carousel?
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Hey there, we've got something exciting for you - our ultimate guide to Carousel!

Carousel is a popular Tolstoy feature that lets you create short, snappy videos that are perfect for catching your customer's attention. Our article covers everything you need to know about Carousel, from the basics of how to use it to expert tips and tricks for creating awesome content. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie, come join us and let's dive into the fun and creative world of Carousel together!

1. Click the Onsite tab.

2. Click on New Tolstoy.

3. Click on Carousel and choose where you like to publish it (e.g. product pages, homepage, other pages, etc).

4. Automated will be automatically chosen. You can also opt for Manual by clicking the dropdown on the side.

5. Once you created the Carousel, it will automatically have a set condition which is “Tagged Product”, this means that all videos that have tagged products will show in the carousel that you created (you can tag videos with products in “Videos” tab)

​And that’s how you create Tolstoy Carousel!

Once you created the Tolstoy carousel, there will be two tabs on the dashboard:

1. Videos – this is where you can see what videos are showing (Video Library) to the carousel layout. This is also where you can add Conditions like: Add label condition, Add source condition, Videos tagged with labels.

2. Design - this is where you can edit the design or appearance of the carousel you created. Here's a short explanation:


Make videos shoppable - Allows you to make the videos shoppable automatically for easier navigation. (Toggle on or off)
View feed in fullscreen - Allows you to view the feed in fullscreen mode, providing a better viewing experience. (Toggle on or off)

Auto-scroll to next video - Automatically scrolls to the next video when the current video has ended, providing a seamless viewing experience. (Toggle on or off)

Play unviewed videos first - Plays unviewed videos first in your feed, ensuring that you never miss a new post from your favorite accounts. (Toggle on or off)

Auto-Display Video Description - When enabled, videos sourced from social media without product tags will automatically display their original post description. (Toggle on or off)

Always start on mute - When enabled, the video feed will start playing muted. (Toggle on or off). This only applies to desktop views. This doesn't apply to mobile views - "Tap to unmute" will always appear.

Enable video captions - Turn on video subtitles for improved accessibility and understanding. (Toggle on or off)

Player position - You can choose either left or right. (Toggle Left or Right)

Product details

Product Price - Hide product price from collapsed and expanded products tagged on videos. (Toggle on or off)
Subscription - refer to a recurring payment arrangement where you pay a predetermined fee at regular intervals (such as monthly or annually) to access a product, service, or content on an ongoing basis. (Toggle on or off)

Product buttons

Primary - This serves as the main action trigger, guiding users to take a key step. (Toggle on or off)


Add to cart - View product -> Add to cart

Product page - Learn more

Buy now - View product -> Buy now

Custom link - Link URL

Close player - Exits the story

Secondary - This is the button below the primary button. (Toggle on or off)

Mini CTA - This is the button that shows inside the product card. (Toggle on or off)

Checkout & shopping bag - Show your shopping bag and allow users to proceed to checkout directly from Tolstoy. (Toggle on or off)

Sales badge - Display a badge on products that are on sale, catching the attention of potential buyers. (Toggle on or off)

Shipping - Displays shipping information for products, making it easier for buyers to make purchasing decisions. (Toggle on or off)

Show in-stock / out-of-stock - Displays whether a product is in-stock or out of stock, providing transparency to potential buyers. (Toggle on or off)

Recommended products - Displays recommended products on your page, potentially increasing sales and customer engagement. (Toggle on or off)


Carousel Type - Choose between Default or Spotlight

Minimal number of videos - The widget will not appear at all unless the minimum number of videos is met (for example: If you set the minimum number to 3, and a certain product has only 2 videos, no videos will appear at all).

Border radius - Allows customization of the corners of the embedded video player, making them rounded or square.

Motion - Adds motion effects to your Carousel, making your content more dynamic and engaging. (Choose among Static, Dynamic or Hover over)

Item size - Can be Responsive or Fixed. Responsive automatically shows as many items as possible according to the carousel width. Fixed shows all the items/carousel.

Items per row - This option appears if "Responsive" item size is chosen.

Item height - This option appears if "Fixed" item size is chosen.

Horizontal spacing - Refers to the amount of empty or filled space between carousels arranged side by side.

Horizontal padding - Refers to the extra space on the left and right sides of the carousel.

Vertical padding - Refers to the extra space above and below the carousel.


Border thickness - Customize the thickness of the border around your Carousel, creating a more distinct and defined look.

Border color - Customizes the color of the border around your Carousel, allowing you to match your brand's color scheme.


Text - Adds a title to your Carousel, providing context and information to your viewers.

Text size - Allows customization of the size of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Text weight - Allows customization of the thickness of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Text color - Allows customization of the color of the text displayed in the embedded video player.

Tile name

Location - Choose between Under or Over

Text size - Set to your preferred size

Text color - Set to your preferred color

Play Button

Background - Visual backdrop of the play button

Background color - Refers to the specific color assigned to the backdrop of the play button

Border - Refers to the boundary surrounding the play button

Border color - Refers to the specific color assigned to the edges or boundaries surrounding the play button

Transparency - Allows the play button to be seen through


Check this out - Customizing your brand with Tolstoy

​Video Tutorial on how to create your carousel


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You're all set and good to go! If you have any questions about the feed, give us a shout at, and we'll be more than happy to help! Happy reading!

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