Product detail pages (PDP) are a critical part of any e-commerce store. With the increasing number of product options, businesses need to create dynamic PDP that can easily adjust the content for the customers.

Here's how.

2. Click on New Tolstoy.

Click on New Tolstoy.

3. Click on Stories.

Click on Stories.

4. Toggle on Smart Videos.

Toggle on Smart Videos.

5. Click on Tag more products.

Click on Tag more products.

6. Click on + Add products. Hover over the video/(s) to see the button/(s). You may choose several Tolstoys to add products to.

Click on Add products.

7. Search for the product/(s) you want to tag.

Search for the products you want to tag.

8. Once done tagging, click on the X button.

Once done tagging, click on the X button.

9. Go back to your Library.

Go back to your Library.

10. Click on the Stories you created.

Click on the Stories you created.

11. Click on Design.

Click on Design.

Under the Feed Behavior section, you will see the following:

View feed in fullscreen - you may choose to display the feed in fullscreen or not.

Auto scroll to next video - once the first video is finished playing, it will automatically scroll to the next video, and so on. If it's toggled off, you will have to scroll the videos up and down manually.

Play unviewed videos first - the unplayed video will display first.

Product button behavior - you may choose among Cart, Product page, or Buy now options.

The design and behavior will change across all live dynamic Tolstoys. Once done, click Save.

12. Click on Launch to PDP.

Click on Launch to PDP.

13. Copy the publish ID.

Copy the publish ID.

14. Go to your Shopify theme editor.

15. Click on Customize.

Click on Customize.

16. Click on the drop-down.

Click on the drop-down.

17. Choose Products.

Choose Products.

18. Click on Default product.

Click on Default product.

19. Click on Add section.

Click on Add section.

20. Type "Tolstoy stories".

Type "Tolstoy stories".

21. Choose Tolstoy stories.

Choose Tolstoy stories.

22. Click on Tolstoy stories.

Click on Tolstoy stories.

23. Paste the publish ID.

Paste the publish ID.

24. Click on Save.

Click on Save.

25. Go to one product page that's tagged on a video.

26. And see your Stories in action.

And see your Stories in action.

That's it!

Here's a guided walkthrough


Walkthrough on how to tag a product on multiple videos


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