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How can I connect Tolstoy to Instagram?
How can I connect Tolstoy to Instagram?

How to prepare your Instagram profile to connect to Tolstoy

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Instagram Graph API can be used only by “Instagram Professional accounts” – this includes Business accounts (intended for companies), and Creator accounts (intended for individuals, like influencers).


  • A Facebook account (can be your personal)

  • A Facebook page – ideally a dedicated testing page, so create one now

  • An Instagram account – ideally a dedicated account for testing (sign up for one)

How to accept Graph API calls:

  1. Step 1 - Log into your Instagram account, go to account settings. Here, click “Switch to professional account”.

    Instagram account settings with “Switch to professional account” under the left menu

  2. You have two options: Creator and Business. Select Business, pick a category (can be anything) and skip the step to add contact information.

  3. go to your Facebook page's settings. On “Professional dashboard” select “Linked Accounts”.

    Dashboard with Facebook page settings with Linked Accounts highlighted in left-side navigation

  4. Click “Connect account” from Instagram

    Linked account page with Connect account highlighted

  5. This will show you a pop-up to enter Instagram credentials, and once you log in, you should see a success message.

  6. You can now connect Tolstoy to you Instagram account.

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