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What does the Pro subscription include and how are the payments handled?
What does the Pro subscription include and how are the payments handled?

Understanding pricing, charges, invoice and billing cycle

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Pricing and Charges

The starting price of our Pro plan is $19 per month. It will give you the ability to create Unlimited Tolstoys and 5000 included views per month. What are views? These are the number of times your Tolstoy was displayed to unique viewers.

Often, our Pro subscribers exceed their allotted impressions for the month. This is a reminder that it is not a fixed-price plan. πŸ˜‰ There would be an additional $0.010 per 1 extra view ($10 per 1000 views) in excess of the 5,000 included Views per month. You may visit our pricing page here for more details, estimate your price, and go through the FAQs.

Let's give an example. If the customer's total impressions for the month are 45000, the total price that he has to pay is $419.

First 5000                         = $  0
5001 and above [40000/1000=40*$10] = $400
Pro plan = $ 19
Total = $419

Billing Cycle

A billing cycle is the billing period or the interval of time between billing statements that are set at one month. An example is from November 1 - 30. Should you wish to cancel your plan, it is advisable to cancel at the end of the billing period. It's because even if you cancel your plan on the second day of the billing cycle, it will still be canceled on the last day of the billing cycle. If you cancel on November 2, it will still be terminated on November 30.

Upon cancellation, your account will still have all the pro features till the end of the billing cycle. For example: for a billing cycle of November 1 - 30, if you cancel on November 2, your account will be on PRO until Dec 1.


You will get your last invoice after you cancel your subscription. For example:
If the billing cycle starts on the 1st, and you cancel the subscription on the 2nd, you will get charged on the 1st of the next month. The invoice will include all the views charges.

And that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to and we're happy to assist you.

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