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How can I track user responses via email?
How can I track user responses via email?

Learn to track the email addresses of those who view and click your Tolstoy

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If you want to see and trace the email address of the person who interacts with your Tolstoy, this is the perfect thing for you. The user will no longer be anonymous; instead, the user's email address will appear. This is specifically true not just for Outreach but for any platform.

If you already know the email, you may add "?email=[email]" at the end of the Tolstoy link.

For example:

It should automatically add tracking of the person who clicks or views your Tolstoy.

Another option is utilizing the share options with email.

This also works on email distribution systems like Outreach. You should also be able to dynamically add this to the link, so it automatically tracks each person in a campaign/sequence. It takes the param that the system will automatically replace.

That's it. You’re all set!

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