After exploring our feed, we added another zest into our embedded Tolstoy. 💥

With Stories, you can share videos on your site and product pages that have almost the same look and feels as Instagram stories.

To launch stories, follow these steps:

1. Click on New Tolstoy and choose Video Feed.

2. Navigate to the Design tab, then click Stories. You may customize the shape radius, border, title, and story name to your liking.

3. Once you're satisfied, click Save.

4. When you're ready, click on Launch to Site.

5. Select the Stories panel to publish your feed.

6. Choose to publish it whether on your Product page or Other page.

Shopify v.1

  • For Shopify v1 users you may copy the code and go to add section then, choose or click custom HTML and paste the code.

Shopify v.2

  • Should you choose the product page, select Shopify version 2.

  • Place stories in theme.

    Go to Shopify builder > ‘Add section’ > ‘Tolstoy Stories’

  • Select product pages.

  • If you’re having trouble tagging your product, you can publish this story on all product pages (that don’t already have an embedded story) by copying publish ID:ivkwry9n9td8n (for example) and pasting it in publish ID field in the Shopify builder.

  • Should you choose the other page, select Shopify version 2.

  • Copy publish ID and paste it into the Shopify

    builder -> ‘Add section’ -> ‘Tolstoy Stories’

That's it, and you're all set!

Please don't hesitate to send us your feedback or any questions you may have at

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