Adding the Tolstoy widget to your Shopify is easy - follow these simple steps below to learn more!

How to Add Your Tolstoy Widget to your Shopify Store

  1. Add the Tolstoy app to your Shopify site from the Shopify App Store.

  2. Create the Tolstoy you want to add to your site. You can visit this article if you want a walkthrough of creating your first Tolstoy article.

  3. Once you have finished creating your Tolstoy, you can click on Launch to Site at the upper right of your app. Then, you will be redirected to the Publish your Tolstoy page. Click anywhere on the widget panel on the left side, and your Shopify site should appear! Simply toggle on Set Live to apply the widget to your site.

*Make sure that the email address in your contact information is the one connected to your Tolstoy! If it's not, go to your Shopify store in admin mode -> Settings and edit your email address in the Contact information:

And that’s it! Your widget is already set on your Shopify store!

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