How do I create a Tolstoy feed?

Create a unique and personal experience with our new feed feature!

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If you're just as obsessed as us with Reels and TikToks - we have the feature for you. Our Feed feature enables you to create a scrollable and shoppable video that you can add to your site or send out in campaigns! Here it is in action:

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  1. Click on Onsite. You may choose Stories, Carousel, Widgets (Swipeable), or TV Page for your Feed.

  2. Choose where you want to publish your feed. You have the choice to share it on home pages, product pages, collection pages, or any other desired pages.

  3. Choose the type of content you want to use for your feed. You can film a video on the spot, upload a video file, use stock footage, and even import TikTok or Instagram videos!

    4. Choose if you want to create a Shoppable or Description side panel type.

    If you chose Shoppable, add the product from your site that you want on your feed.

    5. If you chose Description, instead of a product, you can add a description to your feed.

    You can also add another button with a link. Toggle ON the Link button, add the Text and paste the URL.

    6. Add more parts to your feed to make it scrollable, and be sure to name your parts! Part names are visible on the feed.

You are good to go!

If you have any questions about the feed, don't hesitate to reach out at

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