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How can I downgrade my account?
How can I downgrade my account?
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  1. In your Tolstoy account, navigate to Settings. Click on Plans, then downgrade.

  2. Choose your reasons for cancellation, and add all of the information you think is relevant. We're open to hearing as much feedback as possible. Click Continue.

  3. We're still growing and learning. Please let us know how we can improve. Click Continue.

  4. You'll have the option to book a meeting with our CEO to share your feedback. We want to hear from you. Click Continue.

  5. You'll receive a notification that your subscription has been canceled successfully.

Note: You will continue enjoying the pro plan within a month from your last payment. Then, you'll be back in the free plan.

By the way, with the free plan on Tolstoy, you have an array of exciting features at your disposal. You can effortlessly upload, record, or import videos from anywhere, enabling you to easily bring your content to the platform. But that's not all! You also have the fantastic ability to create captivating video feeds, dynamic carousels, immersive stories, interactive videos, and engaging quizzes. And the best part? You can seamlessly share these remarkable creations in your email and SMS campaigns and dedicated landing pages. So go ahead and unleash your creativity with Tolstoy's free plan!

We'd really appreciate your feedback on why you've chosen to downgrade - feel free to email us at Thank you.

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