Send personalized quiz results directly to your users' email using Zapier!

  1. Set up your first action. The app needs to be Tolstoy, and the event is New Lead.

    When you test the trigger, make sure it is from the quiz itself. It is crucial for the set up to work properly.

  2. The second action will be Zapier filter. The filter should be Quiz Result = Exists.

  3. The last action would be to send out the email - you can use Zapier email, or any other email automation tool you're using.

    The email body should be like so. The To field should be sent to the Lead Email, and the body needs to contain the Quiz Result. The subject and remaining fields can be whatever you want.

  4. Test your settings, and you're good to go!

That is it!

Feel free to reach out at if you need help setting up your zap.

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