Explore additional customization and white labeling options with our pro plan! at 19$ per month for the first 5k views (and an additional 10$ for any additional 1k views), the plan includes a branded landing page, removal of the Tolstoy end screen, button customization options, and the ability to add the opening sentence ("Begin an interactive conversation").

To join, shoot us a note at support@gotolstoy.com, and we'll open up the upgrade capabilities for you!

Once you're all set, you can begin customizing and playing around with the features 🤩

To begin, click on your Profile letter on the bottom left, and click on Branding.


Instead of the Tolstoy logo in the Tolstoy's video feed and landing page, you can go ahead and add your own by clicking on Upload logo and uploading your brand's logo.

This is how a branded landing page would look like.

Player Customization

Brand font - gives you options of the font style you prefer. You may also upload your own font.

Brand color customization - impacts the icon color of the buttons, the color of the Submit button in the text and image responses.

Front facing language - you may select the language to apply to all system buttons and place holders. You can choose from English, Portuguese Brazil, Latin American Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Romanian.

Here it is in action!

Play Button Customization

Start screen text - this is where you can customize the opening sentence of your Tolstoy that will appear before the viewer clicks "play".

Border color - enables you to customize the border color of the play button.

Background - you can change the opacity of the play button - from fully transparent, 60% to fully black.

Play button size - change the size of the play button from small, medium to large.

Here is a customized play button - start screen text is "Welcome to my video"!, the border color has been change, background is fully transparent, and the size is large.


Make the feed match your brand and site by customizing the button.

Button color - this will change the background of the first button and the outline of the second button in the feed product/description card.

Button corner radius - you may choose among Square, Semi-round, or Round.

You're all set!

If you have any questions about the pro plan, feel free to reach out at support@gotolstoy.com!

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