Learn how to automatically add emails taken from your Tolstoys into your Omnisend subscriber list!

  1. Choose Tolstoy in the App event.

  2. Choose New Lead as the event.

  3. Choose your Tolstoy account and click Continue.

  4. Now, set your action. Choose Omnisend as your app event, and Create Subscriber as the action event.

  5. If your Zapier account isn't integrated with Omnisend, enter your Omnisend API key in Zapier.

  6. After adding your API key, choose your Omnisend account.

  7. Now, set up the action. In the Email field, put Lead Email. In the First Name field, put Lead Name, and in the Phone Number field, put Lead phone.

  8. Test your action and Turn on Zap.

That is it! Your Tolstoy leads will start to add up to your subscriber list!

If for any reason you experience any difficulties setting up your Zapier and Omnisend integration, please contact support@gotolstoy.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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