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How can I integrate Tolstoy with Zapier & Slack?
How can I integrate Tolstoy with Zapier & Slack?

Learn how to get automatic slack messages from Tolstoy interactions!

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Are you using Slack in your work environment and want to monitor your Tolstoy interactions? With Zapier, you can send Tolstoy notifications directly to your Slack channel.

  1. Choose Tolstoy in the App Event.

  2. Choose New Lead as the event.

  3. Choose your Tolstoy account and click Continue.

  4. Test your lead, and continue once it's working.

  5. Now, it's time to set up your second action. In your app event, choose Slack. In the action event, choose Send Channel Message. Click Continue.

  6. Choose your Slack account.

  7. Now, set up your action. In the Channel field, choose the Slack channel you want to receive notifications in.
    In the message text, add the relevant details - we suggest Event text that contains the content of the message and the Lead email that contains the user email.
    You can also choose if you want the messages to be sent on your behalf, or as a bot.

  8. Test the action - once it succeeds, click on Turn on Zap.

And that's it! You will now receive Tolstoy notifications in your Slack channel.

If for any reason you experience any difficulties setting up your Zapier and Slack integration, please contact and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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