What is the Chat Landing Page?
Try our chat landing page to encourage viewers to interact with your Tolstoy!
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With our chat landing page feature, interacting with your Tolstoy is easier - anyone could send their response to you anytime, at any point of your Tolstoy, in an instant!

The chat landing page is the response bar at the bottom of the Tolstoy landing page, through which your viewers can send out a video, audio or text response immediately.

To turn it on, go to the Design tab. In the landing page section, toggle on the Chat. Make sure to save it.

Then, your viewers will be able to send out their responses through the landing page. They will be asked to leave their email address after their first message.

After submitting their email address, the user will be able to send more messages, and you will be able to respond back using the Inbox.

This is how it would look like after you responded to the user, and they responded back with a video. An asynchronous conversation 😌

Have any questions? Feel free to send us a note to support@gotolstoy.com.

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