What are Workspaces?

Explore more organization options by adding different workspaces to your Tolstoy account.

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Workspaces are completely separate Tolstoy environments that are associated with the same email address. Your team members, company information, and integrations will be different for each workspace, so if you start to add people to your team, each person will have their own workspace and their team workspace.

How Workspaces are Created

If you invite a person with an existing account to your team, they will have a workspace with their previously made Tolstoys, and they could switch between the two.

How to add Copy Tolstoys between Workspaces

  1. Hover on the Tolstoy you want to copy, click on the three dots, and select Copy to workspace.

  2. Select the workspace you want to copy the Tolstoy to, and click Copy.

What's the Difference Between Workspace and Folder?

The workspace is essentially the "parent" environment. All folders are stored in the workspace, and when creating a new workspace, new folders will be created there as well.

Workspaces are completely separate environments from each other, and they stand alone. If I created a new workspace without my team members, they won't have access to it - even the owner - unless I invite them again to that specific workspace.

And that's it! If you have any questions about workspaces, please reach out to support@gotolstoy.com and we're happy to assist you.

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