With our team account feature, you can invite your team members into your workspace, creating a personal environment for each member to manage individually, and a team environment that's accessible to the entire team.

Invite Team members

The first step of establishing your team on Tolstoy, is to invite your team members to your account. If the member already has a Tolstoy account, they will have two workspaces - their original one, and the workspace you just invited them to.

Team Roles

Currently, there are two roles team member may have.

Owner - the workspace creator. Can access all personal libraries.

Admin - Added by the creator to the workspace. Has full access to the team library and their own personal library, but don't have access to other team members' personal libraries.

Be on the lookout for additional levels in the future!

Personal vs. Team Library

Each member can switch between their own library and their team library, by clicking on the text above "+ Created by" at the upper left corner.

That is it!

If you have any questions about team accounts, feel free to reach out to support@gotolstoy.com and we’re happy to help.

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