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How do I screen record using Tolstoy's Chrome extension?
How do I screen record using Tolstoy's Chrome extension?

Create professional looking screen recordings in no-time using Tolstoy's chrome extension!

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Tolstoy has just taken the screen recording game to the next level 😎

With our Chrome extension, you can create professional and sleek screen recordings, and upload them directly to your Tolstoy account - perfect for product demos, walkthroughs and video support!

So what are you waiting for? Download the extension here, and get started πŸ₯³

After downloading the extension, click on the puzzle piece on the search bar.

You will see it in with the rest of your extensions.

When clicking on the Tolstoy logo, the extension options will pop up in the upper corner of the screen.

Face + screen - click on the drop down menu to choose if you want to share your screen and camera, camera only or screen only.

Camera & Microphone - click on the camera or microphone icon to record with external cameras/microphones.

Start recording - click here to begin the countdown and start recording!

Near the bubble of yourself, you will have more recording options.

Video button - starts recording.

Play/Pause button - enables you to pause mid-recording without completing it. You can hit pause, jump to a new tab, and press play to resume recording!

X button - exits the recording.

βœ… button - finishes recording and redirects you to the editor in your Tolstoy account, where a new Tolstoy will be created with your recording!

That's it, you're all set! You can also check out my walkthrough here -

Don't hesitate to reach us at for your questions, and feedback!

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