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What are the tips and best practices in creating shoppable videos that drive conversions?
What are the tips and best practices in creating shoppable videos that drive conversions?

Learn the tips and tricks for creating shoppable videos by giving your customers a new (and fun) way to shop.

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The world of marketing is changing, and today’s consumers are constantly on the lookout for new and engaging ways to consume content.

Not only are consumers becoming increasingly eager to directly engage with your products and brand, but their expectations for an interactive and seamless shopping experience run high.

And this is where shoppable videos come into play.

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By implementing shoppable videos into your eCommerce marketing strategy, you can give your customers the content they’ve always been waiting for: an all-in-one place to learn about your products, to engage with your brand, and to use as a direct shopping tool.

And in turn, you’re giving your business the tool it’s always been waiting for: an all-in-one shopping platform to take your customer experience and sales to new heights.

In the guide below, you’ll learn the benefits of creating shoppable videos for your eCommerce business as well as some tips and tricks for creation to help boost store sales instantly.

What are shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos are interactive videos that allow customers to learn about your products or brand and purchase directly from your video, creating a streamlined experience from content consumption to checkout.

Essentially, these interactive videos give consumers highly personalized content while making it easier for them to purchase what they want, when they want it, and complete the entire buying journey from directly inside the video.

🌟What are the benefits of creating shoppable videos?

Shoppable videos are the future of eCommerce. There are tons of benefits associated with this type of interactive content, some of the top being:

  1. Increased customer engagement. Interactive video gives your customers the ability to directly engage with your products and brand, and even provides an entirely new and exciting channel for shopping. In return,consumers will more likely become invested with your brand and engaged as a whole (and therefore more likely to buy!)

  2. Seamless shopping experience. By providing the content and channel for shopping all in one, you’re satisfying the immediate purchase desire that content creates for the viewer, and they can go straight from one to the next.

  3. Give customers a personalized experience. With interactive video, you can guide users towards the right products just for them and allow them to purchase right on the spot, as if they had a personal shopping assistant by their side.

  4. Valuable consumer insights. Through branching video and direct buying, you can see exactly what customers were interested before they purchased (or did not purchase) specific items, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your customers’ buying habits.

  5. Improving conversion rates. Interactive video drives engagement, and adding that extra component of the ability to directly shop will drive conversions like no other.

Types of shoppable videos you can create

Whether for publishing on your site or sharing through Email or SMS, here are some types of shoppable Tolstoys you can create to boost sales right away.

  • Drop product releases. Hook your customers immediately with engaging footage and provide them with a unique channel for shopping at the same time (make sure to include the add-to-cart button!)

  • Provide offers and discounts. Make it easy (and fun!) for customers to view your latest offers and discounts, and you can even include promo codes within the video that your customers can use instantly.

Promote products or collections. Did we mention that your Tolstoys can be completely shoppable? Give your customers a visual walkthrough of your products or collections then allow them to add these items to cart and be taken to the checkout page, directly through your video.

🛒 Best ways to share your shoppable videos?

There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate shoppable videos into your eCommerce marketing strategy, and we’d like to disclose with you some of the best ways of sharing your interactive video that can help you boost conversions instantly:

💻 Adding shoppable videos to your site

By adding eye-catching, shoppable videos to your site, you can turn the customer buying experience into something highly personalized, super engaging, and immensely simplified.

With shoppable widgets on your homepage or on specific product pages, it’s like you’re giving your customers an online personal shopping assistant and an entirely new way to shop.

📧 Sending shoppable videos in Email campaigns

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level by including shoppable videos directly in the email body to promote collections, announce product drops, or provide fun footage for offers and discounts.

Your customers can literally start shopping directly through your video the moment they receive your email. How fun is that?

📱Sending shoppable videos in SMS campaigns

Have your business stand out from the crowd by sending Tolstoys in your upcoming SMS marketing campaigns, so you can reach your customers anytime, and anywhere.

Not only will sending Tolstoys through SMS serve as an easy way to reach your entire consumer base, but it can also be a compelling attention grabber that gives your customers a seamless shopping experience straight from their mobile devices.

💡Best practices for creating shoppable videos

  1. Include add-to-cart buttons. Shorten the customer’s path from video consumption to purchase by making it easy for them to purchase items directly from the video.

  2. Focus on 1-2 products at a time. Let customers fully engage and learn about the products you’re showing them by putting only one (or two) as the center of your footage.

  3. Provide captivating product demonstrations. Through engaging and educational footage, give your customers a reason to buy your products by showing exactly how and why they should use it.

  4. Create shoppable exit intent videos. When a customer is about to leave the page, set rules to pop up a widget that can engage users and keep them on the site longer - and, even purchase straight from the new video.

  5. Be creative. At the end of the day, the goal is to entertain your customers to the point where they don’t want to look away from the video, and thus leave them more likely to actually buy your products.

And, of course, for any other questions, feel free to reach out to and we’re happy to help.

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