Repeating the same answers for frequently asked questions can get super tedious; luckily, you can now save Tolstoys as macros and send them in-app to your customers - maintaining the interactive experience while saving time. And it gets better: you can make edits to the macro before sending, to really tweak your Tolstoy to fit the customer!

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Creating the Macro

  1. In the Library, go to the Tolstoy you would like to save as macro. Hover on it, and click on the three dots.

  2. Click on Save as a macro.

Sending the Macro

  1. To send your macro, navigate to your Tolstoy Inbox and open a conversation with your customer. Click on the Macro button at the bottom.

  2. Hover on the macro you would like to send, and hit Send.

  3. You can edit your macro before sending it if you'd like! That way, you can personalize the macro for each customer. Click on Edit.

  4. Make your edits - here, I added the customer's name. Click Send macro once you're done.

That's it! Your macro has been sent in its entirety, enabling your customer to interact with it. Here is the sent macro in the inbox:

Your customer will receive the macro in their email!

You can also check out my walkthrough here -

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