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How can I add team members to my Tolstoy account?
How can I add team members to my Tolstoy account?

Add members of your team to a joint Tolstoy account!

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There is no I in team! 🤡

You can invite your team members to be a part of your Tolstoy account, while giving them the ability to edit, create, set live and manage Tolstoy with you.

Continue reading to learn more!

  1. Log in to your Tolstoy account, and click on your profile letter at the bottom left corner.

  2. Click on Settings, then click Team and click Invite Member.

  3. You will see an invitation pop up - Insert the email address of the person you would like to invite, and add your message. You can also send multiple invitations by separating the email addresses with commas!

    Click Send Invitation once you're done.

  4. Now, you'll see the invitation and its status on the page.

    Your team member will receive this email.

  5. The team member will be redirected to the login screen. They need to create an account in Tolstoy or sign in using their existing account.

  6. After your team member has approved the invitation and sign up, the dashboard will look like this -

That's it! You can now add members to your account.

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