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What are some presentation mode customizations?
What are some presentation mode customizations?
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You can play around with your Tolstoy's URL to present your Tolstoy exactly how you want it! Access your Tolstoy URL by clicking Share and copying it from the Link tab.

After you copy it, you can start modifying it!

Display your Tolstoy in Full Screen

In your Tolstoy URL, add ?host to the end, like so -

Your Tolstoy will now be previewed in full screen!

Display your Tolstoy in Preview Mode

If you want to send your Tolstoy to people without collecting any responses from it, you can easily change it into preview mode.

Add ?sneakpeek to your Tolstoy URL.

Your Tolstoy will now be seen in Preview Mode!

Make your Tolstoy Start at a Specific Part

Let's say you want your Tolstoy to begin in part 2 or 3 instead of part 1.

simply add ?start=X, X being the part number you want to show.

This Tolstoy will now show at part 2!

Make Sure that Your Viewer's Email Address is Visible in the Tolstoy Inbox

If you're sending your Tolstoy to some viewers who are not registered to the site, putting their email addresses in the URL you send them will ensure that their responses will be saved under their email address instead of as anonymous.

That is it!

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