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What are the 5 tips on writing a foolproof script for my Tolstoy? ✍️
What are the 5 tips on writing a foolproof script for my Tolstoy? ✍️

Become a master storyteller by implementing five easy tips!

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All engaging movies and videos start with a strong script. Even when using basic equipment, by having a solid script alone, your Tolstoy will be captivating and professional.

You may be thinking - why would I want to record a script for a two minute video? - well, hear me out.

  • To save precious time while filming.

  • To spark your imagination and inspire you.

  • To ensure your message is conveyed exactly how you want it.

Convinced yet? If so, follow these easy tips below to learn!

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1. Ask yourself the right questions

Before you even start writing your actual script, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of your video?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What emotions are you trying to evoke?

  • What are the main takeaways from your video?

These questions will center you and help you get a sense of the tone, structure and wording you're going to use.

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2. Create an outline

This is the time to create the structure of your video, before you delve into writing the actual script.

Regardless of what you're using Tolstoy for, a good outline should look something like this -

  1. Introduction

  2. Body

  3. Clear call to action

Of course, all of the above will change depending on your purpose. But setting the outline will help keep you focused when writing the actual script.

3. Keep your text simple, conversational and purposeful

Simple wording - using too much complex, technical jargon can alienate part of your audience! Keep your video easy to understand and accessible to anyone.

Be conversational - the purpose of Tolstoy is to provide a medium to hold an asynchronous conversation, and that's because we believe this is the best way to connect with your audience! Eventually, messages that are conveyed through real, no BS conversations are the most impactful.

Speak open heartedly about your purpose - there is nothing more captivating than a person genuinely talking about things they're passionate about! No need to force a persona

Think about the journey - even though you are creating a short video, your viewers should undergo a short journey - first identifying a problem, and then explaining the solution you're offering.

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4. Edit out

Although it may be tempting to include as many details as possible in one video, short and concise videos tend to be more compelling. Therefore, try to keep your script under two pages!

A good way to make sure you edited your script enough is to consult with a colleague, or even a friend/family member that is unfamiliar with the topic.

5. Read your script out loud

Sometimes, things sound differently out loud than they do on paper. The best way to test if your script is natural and conversational is to read it out loud!

This will also help you practice - decide which words you want to emphasize, see if your tone is cohesive, and that your text comes naturally to you. When you will actually film your video, you wouldn't want to recite the script word for word, but you should hit all of the major bullet points effortlessly.

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You've got yourself a killer script! Good job!

Check out our 5 tips series for more tips, tricks and inspiration!

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any more questions.

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