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How can I use Tolstoy for my eCommerce business to boost sales?
How can I use Tolstoy for my eCommerce business to boost sales?

Learn how to create interactive Tolstoys for your store and campaigns to drive direct revenue and boost customer engagement.

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If you landed upon this playbook, you must be looking for the next best way to have your eCommerce business stand out from the crowd and ultimately drive more sales.

Well, we have a little secret for you: that next best way is interactive video.

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Incorporating video content on-site or in marketing campaigns is all the rave these days, but adding that extra level of interactivity can provide an even more unique and engaging experience for your customers.

In this guide, you’ll learn why and how you should incorporate eye-catching, interactive videos to your eCommerce marketing strategy in order to effectively connect with your customers and drive sales.

🌟 Benefits of adding interactive video to your eCommerce site

Adding videos to your site is a simple and proven way to capture your customers’ attention, increase their on-site time, and produce higher sales.

And when you give your video that extra boost of interactivity, you’re taking the already promising impacts of online video content to a whole new level by allowing your customers to truly engage with your products and brand.

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Beyond providing a friendly face to new or returning customers, adding interactive video to your site can help you attract, engage, and retain website visitors by allowing you to:

  1. Provide a different and unique channel for sales. Beyond the typical online shopping experience, you can now give your customers a new and exciting channel for shopping by allowing them to learn about your products and shop directly through your video.

  2. Engage your website visitors. By giving your customers the ability to interact directly with content on your site, they’ll become more invested in your products and brand, and therefore more likely to stay longer to learn more (and buy more!)

  3. Show off your personality and deliver your brand’s message. Video gives you the space to truly communicate your story and company vision in a way that’s both clear and personal - let your personality shine!

  4. Give customers a personalized experience. Long gone are the days customers are left to their own devices to online shop. With interactive video, you can guide users towards the right products just for them, or even give them the ability to ask video or text questions on the spot, as if they had a personal shopping assistant by their side.

  5. Showcase your products in a compelling way. In addition to images and text, you can utilize interactive video to show compelling footage of your products and make it impossible for viewers to turn away.

  6. Utilize video for exit intent. You can set rules to pop up certain widgets when customers are about to leave to keep them on the page longer.

  7. Convert better. Interactive video drives engagement, and engagement drives sales - so go ahead and let those conversions soar.

🌟 Benefits of adding interactive video to your eCommerce marketing campaigns

Beyond just adding content to your site, you can take customer engagement a step further by incorporating interactive video into your email or SMS marketing campaigns.

This new channel for shopping is a great way to get your products straight into your customers’ hands and create a frictionless shopping experience for them.

Embedding Tolstoys in your email campaigns or newsletters

Spice up your next marketing campaign by embedding a shoppable Tolstoy straight into your email blast.

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On top of your written content, incorporating interactive video can empower your customers to take an active role in learning more about your products and give them an entirely new and fun way to shop.

Embedding Tolstoys in your SMS campaigns

Lastly, you can even send Tolstoys in your SMS marketing campaigns as an easy way to reach your customers and send them a shopping experience straight to their mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.

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Let’s break it down:

Your customer receives an SMS message from one of their favorite brands (you) including an interactive video with footage of your newest product drop.

They click on the video to learn more, and are compelled by the engaging and enticing footage - and in that moment they are most excited and ready to purchase, they can add it directly to cart from the video and get sent to the checkout page.

So what are you waiting for?

Need some extra inspiration to get started?

Check out our additional playbook with specific Tolstoy examples you can create for eCommerce!

And of course, if you need any extra guidance getting started, feel free to reach out to with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

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