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How can I crush it with Monday & Tolstoy Integration? πŸ’ͺ
How can I crush it with Monday & Tolstoy Integration? πŸ’ͺ

Learn how to use the Monday & Tolstoy integration for your unique needs!

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Monday is an amazing platform to monitor projects, run workflows and manage everyday tasks. The Monday and Tolstoy integration allows you to track and manage all of your leads, prospects, applicants or site visitors' interactions with Tolstoys!

Interactive videos are engaging, personal, concise and eye catching that's why companies are using videos to improve their outreach, qualify their leads, streamline their recruiting processes, and connect with your site visitors to collect their info.

Continue reading to learn how to use Tolstoy in Monday for your unique needs!

Get Started

Firstly, read this guide to learn how to integrate Tolstoy with Monday. Create a Tolstoy to correlate with your Monday board. Once your Tolstoy is published, all user responses will be gathered and presented in your Monday board, enabling you to conveniently monitor all responses!


Lead Qualification

Tolstoy is an incredible lead qualification tool - the fast and convenient format minimizes user drop off, the interactive video engages the viewer, and the Tolstoy Choices enable you to filter out unsuccessful leads by asking the relevant questions (budget, title, authority, etc).


Phone calls and generic emails are a thing of the past! With Tolstoy, you can create an enticing yet informative Tolstoy introducing your brand's purpose, to warm up to leads and book more meetings!

You can even use Tolstoy for outreach on social media! you can easily share your Tolstoy through social media and email.


In Tolstoy, it's extremely easy to create a super engaging and effective pre-recorded video interview. Not only will the Tolstoy save you time and energy by filtering and screening candidates, once you are integrated with Monday, you can easily monitor and track your applicants' journey on your Monday board.

Use Cases

See Yotpo's Tolstoy to qualified leads

See here how Charlotte from Yotpo uses Tolstoy to qualify leads at scale, enabling her to book time with the most relevant people.

Click here to see Wellory's job application Tolstoy, to save time and energy in interviewing candidates.

And lastly, this is our own Sami, Tolstoy's Customer Success Manager, using Tolstoy to welcome new clients via email.

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