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How can I boost sales and increase conversions using Tolstoy?
How can I boost sales and increase conversions using Tolstoy?

Learn how to best utilize Tolstoy for boosting sales using interactive video!

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If you want to make your e-store stand out from the crowd while boosting sales and increasing conversions, Tolstoy would be the perfect tool for you - take it from our e-commerce customers, who have reported that...

  • After adding Tolstoy to the site, the conversion rates increased.

  • Tolstoy generated higher revenue per customer.

  • Viewers who engaged with Tolstoy were three times more likely to make a purchase.

Before going further, to get a better view of what conversion is. A conversion is tracked as anyone who played a Tolstoy video and bought something afterward (up to 30 days), regardless of where they checked out.

With that said, you can follow these simple tips to learn how to best utilize Tolstoy for boosting sales πŸ’Έ

  • Welcome your visitors

    Most customers appreciate it when receiving a genuine greeting when entering a store. You can mimic this experience by including a widget of yourself on your site, welcoming visitors to your store and offering them assistance. This will help you create a unique experience, while showing the clients that they are welcome to contact you.

  • Show off your personality

Interactive video is a great way to show off your brand's personality - Is your brand elegant? adventurous? Functional? Do you have a story to tell about how your business was founded? Inject your personality in your Tolstoy widget to intrigue your audience and begin connecting to your brand.

  • Give a personalized result

According to a personalized marketing research done by The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, 82% of marketers who use personalized marketing experienced an increase in their open rates, and as much as a 56% boost in overall sales.
In Tolstoy, you can ask your viewers to participate in an interactive quiz and receive personalized recommendations. By creating a quiz in less than ten minutes, you can generate endless unique experiences to all of your clients!


  • Create a Tolstoy to share through email and social media

Web presence is essential to boost sales, and luckily, your Tolstoy can be easily shared in all social media networks - Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp - as well as via email.

  • Offer discounts using the Tolstoy

Everyone loves a good deal - having a strong discount strategy can quickly drive sales, attract new clients, and sell excess inventory. You can use Tolstoy to give your viewers a special discount by selecting the Discount response.

  • Collect Reviews

    Customer feedback is extremely important for any business. With Tolstoy, you have complete freedom to choose how you will ask for reviews. You can collect them in your site by creating a special Tolstoy. Ask your clients to leave a text response; you can also send a personalized email to clients, asking them to leave their reviews.

    After the reviews have been collected, you can use the Tolstoy system to track all of the responses you received!

  • Follow up with customers by having ongoing conversations with them

It is crucial to have an interpersonal relationship with your clients - getting to know them and asking for their feedback on the product is key to boosting sales. You can easily monitor and track responses to your Tolstoys using Tolstoy Conversations; there, you will see all of the responses you've ever received on all Tolstoys. You can then follow up with a video response to create a conversational and natural atmosphere.

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