The Tolstoy widget is one of the most used ways for clients to use Tolstoy on their sites. Whether a chatbot, a video support bot, or a product video - the widget is an efficient and easy way of interacting with your clients. Learn how to create it in a few simple steps! πŸ€“

How to Create a Tolstoy Widget

  1. After creating your Tolstoy, click Launch to Site.

  2. Go to the Widget panel and set the Tolstoy widget as live by turning on the Live toggle.

How to Customize Your Tolstoy Widget

We are constantly working on expanding the customization options for our clients so that all widgets could seamlessly blend into every site's aesthetic. Let's explore our current options.

  1. Navigate to the Design tab.

  2. Go to the Widget settings subsection.

    Shape - You can make your widget a circle, which can also be changed in size. You can also make it a rectangle.
    Position - You can decide whether you want the widget to appear in the left or right side of the page.
    Border - If you want, you can add a border to your widget and change its color.
    Caption- Here, you can add a text that will appear on the widget before the user clicks on it. You can also add Emojis! πŸ€“
    Theme color - this will be the color of the border and the text bubble, if you choose to add them.
    Text color - that will be the color of the text on your widget and the text bubble.
    Notification badge - will give your widget a notification badge before it's been opened.
    Text bubble - if you want to draw more attention to your widget, you can add a chat bubble near it, with a text of your choice.

    Bubble text - the text on the text bubble.

Widget Vs. Embed

A widget will appear "over top" of the site - it will remain static in its position even when the user scrolls, and it expands only when clicked. It can also be customized. Here is an example of a Tolstoy widget:

An embedded Tolstoy is embedded into your very website. It is "attached" to the site, and will not follow the viewer while scrolling. Here is an example of an embedded Tolstoy:

You are all set - as long as your toggle is set to live, it should be visible on your site!

Learn more about Tolstoy Widgets:

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any more questions.

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